четверг, 30 октября 2008 г.


A man was writing the name "Erica" on a paper... then,
His head swung hard when his wife hit his head with a frying pan.
"Who's that Erica, huh?!", he looked at his enraged wife.
"What's wrong with you?! Erica is a name of a race horse that I am betting on for tonight! Damn it! Im going to the race track ok?!"
His wife was shocked and almost in tears with embarrassment. She immediately apologised and left the man. The man shook his head and continued to write... then..
This time, his brains almost came out from his head with the impact from the blow, this time with a large flat iron. The man was furious after regaining his consciousness.
"What?????!", he asked.
"Your horse called!"

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